Topics Covered

Introduction to WWI
Life in the Trenches
Munition Workers
How the War Started
The Christmas Truce


Medal Making
WWI Artefacts
Drama & Roleplay
Film Project*
Opportunities to ask Questions
Witch Hunt

*this is an option when we are working with one class. You will need to gain permission for us to take the footage offsite for editing purposes. Once you’ve confirmed receipt of a working copy of the video, all footage will be deleted from our systems.

In More Detail…

Let us take you back to the trenches of World War One. We will look at the Tommy’s and what life was like for them. The students will explore real life accounts from different people who lived through those terrible times. Find out how people kept their spirits up during times of hardship.

We will explore how the war started with the assassination attempt of Franz Ferdinand, the archduke of Austria-Hungary. We will learn about Gavrilo Princip and how he planned the attack with the help of the Black Hand group.


DBS Checked Facilitators
Fully Risk Assessed
Public Liability Insurance
FREE Resource Packs
Covid 19 Protocols in Place

Group Size

Up to 90 children (3 classes) can take part in a full days workshop. For large groups we will need to split the day up slightly.


A big hall is ideal for large groups. However quite often we can fit into one or more classrooms dependent on the group size.



Still not made your decision? So then, why not check out our FAQ page.

Want to enhance your teaching?

Check out our YouTube channel for free videos covering all aspects of history. In addition to this you will find free worksheets linked in the descriptions.

Meanwhile, if you have a particular subject you’d like us to make a video about, let us know and we’ll certainly add it to our list!

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