FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Welcome to our FAQ. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, use the email at the bottom of the page to contact us directly.

What's Your Maximum Audience Size?
We can perform to as many children as you like! Please bear in mind that the smaller the audience the more intimate the performance will be. Some of our performances have interactive elements to them, so again, with a smaller audience there is more chance for all the children to be involved. We have performed to as little as 30 children and as many as 180 before!With regards to our workshops, we design them to give the maximum impact. With this in mind, our workshops are designed to accommodate up to 45 children at a time. This could be one class or a split year in a smaller school. Our practitioners will work in depth with the groups and provide them with a great learning experience that they can then take back to the classroom.
Can I Book Something For the Whole School?
Our workshops are tailored towards your needs. We always have a preferred method that we like to deliver our workshop in. However, we will always try our best to accommodate any requests that we are asked for.All our shows come with a free workshop to accompany it. You will get the show (usually lasting around 60 minutes) and then the rest of the day can be split into workshops for classes however you wish. Our WWI show “Wish You Weren’t Here” quite often goes out as a performance to a school and then the rest of the day is split up into small workshops for each class.
Why Aren't Your Costs On Your Website?
We don’t put our prices online as we have different pricing for different areas. We pride ourselves on value for money and making sure that anyone can have access to our services.If you are interested in one of our products, why not give us a call or an email to find about our prices and any special offers that we are running at the moment.
How Far Do You Travel?
We travel the length and breadth of the United Kingdom delivering our workshops. From our base in Wirral we have travelled as far north as Newcastle and as far south as Devon.We have to charge slightly more to accommodate these extra distances, but we will never confuse you with multiple charges. Your invoice will include one price that includes all charges. If you book multiple days, we will usually discount most of these costs as we have not got the same great travel included as we would normally.
What Insurances Do You Have?
We have Public Liability that covers all of our company’s activities. Details of this are available upon request.
Do You Have A Risk Assessment?
We have one Risk Assessment that generally covers all of our workshops. If there is something you feel we should add to it, please email us with your suggestions.All facilitators that work for us read and sign to say they have read our Risk Assessment before they undertake any work for us.
What Subjects Do You Cover?
We cover most history subjects that are on the syllabus. For a full list of subjects click here to go to our workshops page.People have asked us about other workshops involving E-Safety and Bullying. This is something that we like to include in the future. However, first and foremost we are history specialists!
Is Your Workshop Best at the Beginning or the End of our Topic Study?
That all depends on how your children will best engage with it and get the most out of it. We have a wealth of information and really try to bombard the children with facts and information in a fun way that will help them to store and recall the information. We will demonstrate this throughout the day by quick-fire questions and usually a quiz to round off the day’s learning.Our workshops are designed to fit in either as a “wow” factor at the beginning. However, some teachers prefer the children to have had a few weeks learning so they can demonstrate some prior knowledge which we can them build upon. Others prefer it towards the end of the topic as a celebration and consolidation workshop. We will always pitch our workshops at the appropriate level for our audiences (provided we are aware of this prior to commencement).
What Do We Need To Prepare For Your Arrival?
We like to arrive around 8am at the venue/school so that we have plenty of time to set up. This usually allows us to start for 9:00 – 9:10.

  • Book an appropriate space. For one class a classroom can be sufficient for a workshop or show with the tables all moved to provide us with the biggest space.
  • Projector? – Some of our workshops require a projector for an accompanying slideshow. We have our slideshows stored online to download and we can bring them on USB as well.
  • Worksheets – The majority of our products come with a free workbook. This contains exercises and worksheets based around the topic you’ve booked. They are all available on the website if you go to the specific workshop pages.
  • Plug Sockets – For our shows we will require at least one plug socket.
  • Permissions – Occasionally we like to take some photos or short videos to help with promotion of the company. If you are able to ask parents in advance for this permission, we would be most grateful.
What Types of Resources Do You Bring With You?
This varies depending on what workshop or show we bring. We try and bring;

  • A selection of props to help bring the period to life during drama workshops.
  • A selection of artefacts that can help bring the period to life. They can be used during drama scenes and also for some technical drawing if the bookers wish us to accommodate it.
  • Following our workshop, we will always either download for you onto your laptop or send you all of the resources that we have used on the day. Quite often we will give you any extra resources that we sometimes get to use. You are free to use these for any future planning and modify them in any way that benefits the children from an educational point of view. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve any of our documents for teachers in general, we would love for you to email us with your suggestions. Click here to send us your suggestions.
How Long Are the Workshops?
Workshops tend to last for day. We can accommodate up to 45 children in a session. For a bigger group than this we recommend splitting the day into two sessions, or booking subsequent days (eligible for discount).

Sometimes we can a half day workshop. However, these can only be offered to schools that are within 45 minutes’ travel of our base in Wirral. For smaller schools, we can sometimes run two half day workshops on the same day. This can help split the cost of a workshop between two year groups/classes.

What Age Groups Do You Cater For?
Our workshops are geared at the KS1 and KS2 topics. We work a lot with KS2 children. We are hoping to expand our work with KS1 children to help bring our workshops to a wider audience. We have done a couple of workshops for KS3 children. Our Crime and Punishment workshop can be easily scaled up and delivered to KS3 children studying the topic.
Are Members of Your Company Ex Teachers?
Our facilitators have a background in acting predominantly. However, the majority of people who have worked for us have extensive work in teaching; both in primary schools and independently through workshops and drama schools.

We pass on our workshop formats to any new facilitators and train them to enable students and teachers alike to get the most out of our products. This includes making sure that the facilitators are able to change and adapt the workshops to fit any specific class. They will be able to read their audience and adapt activities to the needs of the workshop.

What If We Need to Change or Cancel a Date?
If you require a change or a cancellation and it is further than three weeks from the performance date, then there are no penalties. If the change or cancellation is less than three weeks from the performance date, the booker is to pay 25% of the total fee. This charge will only be waived if a replacement booking can be found for your date. However, we would always say to contact us in the event of any problems arising.

If we require a change or cancellation of date, we can do this at any time for any reason. We will always strive to give you plenty of notice if for any reason we need to change a date. This is a rarity but due to the nature of our work and illnesses sometimes a date may not be able to go ahead due to extenuating circumstances. If we are unable to accommodate a new date for you, we will offer you a full refund of any monies that have been paid prior to the performance.

What if We Need You To Cover Something Specific?
We are happy to tailor our workshops to your specifications if the time frame allows it and we can fit it into our deliverable style. We are constantly expanding our workshops so that we can then slot different areas of a topic into our days. The more notice you can give us the better.