Looking for a way to enhance your students learning experience? Why not book one of our history shows! They’re fun and, engaging and full of historical facts and information. All of our shows come with free accompanying set of workshops. These workshops build upon what the students have seen in the show. Our shows also come with free supplementary workbooks. Our history shows are designed to be used in conjunction with our shows, however you can also download them from our website and use them as a standalone resource.


Book our Victorian history show to get a taste at what life was like for children and people living in the Victorian Era. The fictional story follows a young Princess Victoria who escapes from the palace to go on adventures around London.


Book our Greek history show to find out about the myths & legends! Our tale follows a young boy called Joel who falls asleep and wakes up trapped in Ancient Greece. He must use his skills and bravery to get himself safely back to his bedroom before school the next day.


Book our War War II show to find out about life as an evacuee. Our story follows Lucy as she is evacuated from Liverpool to Wrexham. We find out about her life in the country. Using letters back home, we also see how war affects the city in her absence.


Book our World War I show to find out what life was like on the battlefield. Using verbatim accounts, we recreate many stories into a single narrative around a man and a woman. They both share their experiences of war both away and at home.

Want to enhance your teaching?

Check out our YouTube channel for free videos covering all aspects of history. In addition to this you will find free worksheets linked in the descriptions.

Meanwhile, if you have a particular subject you’d like us to make a video about, let us know and we’ll certainly add it to our list!

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