Topics Covered

Introduction to Knights & Castles
Castle Types
Castle Jobs
Royal Etiquette


Handling Swords and Shields
Jousting Tournament
Knighthood Ceremony
Castle Photoshoot
Opportunities to ask Questions
Big Quiz to round off the day!

NOTE: This workshop can be paired with our Fairy Tales workshop if your topic encompasses both aspects.

In More Detail…

First, we kick-start our day with a greeting from your King or Queen. The students will learn the royal etiquette. This will include how to greet and leave their royal highness. We will take you and your students back to the times when knights & castles were at their most useful.

Your King or Queen will enter to show students the life that people led. They will learn about the jobs that needed to be done within the castle. We will trace the constructions of the first motte and bailey. Then we move onto the stronger stone castles. Finally we take a look at concentric castles. Comparing these three we will evaluate which type was the strongest and why Knights had to swear on a special code known as the ‘code of chivalry’. This was a set of rules that they must abide by. We will knight a selection of students and then they will joust in honour of King Arthur. We will appoint a court jester whose job it is to ensure everyone is always smiling.

The students will learn about the different rooms that were in a castle and their each, individual importance.

Our day culminates with a knighthood ceremony from your King or Queen. The students will have been asked in advance to think of reasons why they might be worthy of a knighthood. They may also come up with their Sir or Dame name to be officially inducted. Each student will receive a certificate for their knighthood.


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Group Size

Up to 90 children (3 classes) can take part in a full days workshop. For large groups we will need to split the day up slightly.


A big hall is ideal for large groups. However quite often we can fit into one or more classrooms dependent on the group size.



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