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NOTE: If we are working with one class for a full day, we can add in some other aspects of Victorian History


In our Victorian show, you will learn about Victorian life with our interactive adventure that takes place on the streets of London. Victoria has no idea what she is going to find when she goes out exploring. A Very Victorian Adventure tells the story of our Queen before she came to the throne. Princess Victoria is known for her bossy attitude. She decides to sneak out of the palace to find a new friend to play with.

After falling over the wall, she meets many characters who tell Victoria their stories. They try to turn her into a caring and thoughtful person. She recalls about Charlie the Chimney Sweep. “He was a poor boy with some extremely shabby clothes” she writes in her diary. He teaches her about life on the streets of London and how hard it is. She learns some creative ways that children earned money on the streets of London. These include ‘The Shiver Dodge’ and ‘The Lucipher Dodge’.

One day, Victoria goes out and has a go at these techniques herself to try and earn some money for Charlie. She also meets a butler called Mr Hudson who sees through her charade. She learns about life as a servant in the big houses of London.

Charlie gets arrested for stealing a loaf of bread. Victoria has to try and find a way to save him without revealing  her true identity! With twists and turns at every corner, can our future Queen of England make it back to the palace a nicer girl? See Victorian life in London unfold as our Princess tries her best to do what any good royal would do.


Following the show there will be workshop with our two facilitators. This can be split into two or several sessions depending on how many children are taking part in the day. We can offer the following activities:

CRAFT – Learn how to make a Victorian Toy (we will supply the materials)
DRAMA – Exploring life as a child (including Dr Barnado)
ARTEFACT QUIZ – Can your students tell what our objects are?
FREE PRINTABLE WORKBOOKS – Designed to be used before during or after our visit*
Opportunities to ask Questions
Big Quiz

*If we are working with 60 children or less, the workbooks will not be required during our visit. You are free to use these at any point in your topic. We try to design as many of our materials as possible to be used as standalone resources.


DBS Checked Facilitators
Fully Risk Assessed
Public Liability Insurance
FREE Resource Packs
Covid 19 Protocols in Place

Group Size

Up to 90 children (3 classes) can take part in a full days workshop. For large groups we will need to split the day up slightly.


A big hall is ideal for large groups. However quite often we can fit into one or more classrooms dependent on the group size.



Still not made your decision? So then, why not check out our FAQ page.

Want to enhance your teaching?

Check out our YouTube channel for free videos covering all aspects of history. In addition to this you will find free worksheets linked in the descriptions.

Meanwhile, if you have a particular subject you’d like us to make a video about, let us know and we’ll certainly add it to our list!

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