Through puppetry, music, swords, a severed head and a whole host of other props our Greek show will bring alive several Greek Myths. Our hero Joel falls asleep and wakes up in Ancient Greece. He has to travel with his father Daedalus to Crete where they must serve King Minos. After escaping the island Joel then has to battle King Minos’ Minotaur as Theseus the Prince of Athens. Along his journey he meets the kind(but very annoying) Princess Ariadne who promises to help him kill the Minotaur in return for safe passage off the island. Joel then becomes Zeus himself and has to learn all about what it’s like to be a God. When Prometheus tricks Zeus, he is punished and so is his brother. Joel’s final adventure takes him to meet Pandora, who only wants one thing in this world; the box.

Joel’s problem is that he didn’t listen properly in class so he has to figure out the endings of the stories. For this he needs your help! The children get to participate in many parts of the story; from recreating storms and boats to creating the maze that Theseus must traverse to get to the Minotaur. This show is suitable for both children who have studied the topics of Ancient Greece, or as an introduction to get their imaginations flowing for the topic ahead.


Following the show there will be workshop with our two facilitators. This can be split into two or several sessions depending on how many children are taking part in the day. We can offer the following activities:

DRAMA SESSION – Exploring themes seen in the show
GREEK DEMOCRACY – Our guide to voting in Ancient Greece!
MYTH WRITING – Let’s write a myth in 30 minutes with our fun powerpoint exercise
FREE PRINTABLE WORKBOOKS – Designed to be used before during or after our visit*
Opportunities to ask Questions
Big Quiz

*If we are working with 60 children or less, the workbooks will not be required during our visit. You are free to use these at any point in your topic. We try to design as many of our materials as possible to be used as standalone resources.


DBS Checked Facilitators
Fully Risk Assessed
Public Liability Insurance
FREE Resource Packs
Covid 19 Protocols in Place

Group Size

Up to 90 children (3 classes) can take part in a full days workshop. For large groups we will need to split the day up slightly.


A big hall is ideal for large groups. However quite often we can fit into one or more classrooms dependent on the group size.



Still not made your decision? So then, why not check out our FAQ page.

Want to enhance your teaching?

Check out our YouTube channel for free videos covering all aspects of history. In addition to this you will find free worksheets linked in the descriptions.

Meanwhile, if you have a particular subject you’d like us to make a video about, let us know and we’ll certainly add it to our list!

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