Mayan Workshop

The Mayan people are an interesting race. Find out about this civilisation, discovered by the Spanish in the 15th century. The Spanish were following the spices route. They were looking for a new way to get to The Indias. They discovered the new world completely by accident.

Learn how to talk and count like a Mayan. You will learn about their love of astrology. It helped them to predict many things. Learn about their culture and what went on in their daily life. You will get a chance to play the deadly ball game. It is the first ball game recorded in the American continent. Be warned, winning may not be what you expect! We cover many aspects of the Mayan people. We look at some of their farming techniques. They enabled them to farm the land, making the best use of the terrain. They have specific rituals that are required before burying their dead. They also believed in creatures known as the Alux. They were very lucky, but could also be quite naughty!

Why Do People Like To Use Us?

First of all, we take you on a journey. In addition to this we use lots props and artefacts to bring our workshops to life. The whole day will involve the children. There will be calls for discussions, acting, performing and educating – all in the same day. As a result, by the end of the day the children will be able to demonstrate a vast array of new knowledge, vocabulary and skills relating to the topic.

Mayan Gallery – See what all the fuss is about!

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What Do We Cover?
These are the topics we currently cover. Like us to cover something else? Get in touch!

  •  Daily Life
  •  Chocolate
  •  Religion
  •  Gods
  •  Mayan Decline
  •  Agriculture
What Else Is Included?
We believe in keeping up with Technology. We try to include as many of the following with our workshops;

  •  Youtube videos from our characters
  •  Twitter Q&A with our character
  •  Online research tasks
  •  Extra free online resources

Supporting Documents

All of the below documents are free for you to use. They can be used as standalone resources. However, they work even better when coupled with our workshop.