Topics Covered

Introduction to the Egyptians
Daily Life (inc. Farming & The Nile)
Fashion & Jewellery


Egyptian Artefacts
Make a Piece of Egyptian Jewellery*
Drama & Roleplay
Opportunities to ask Questions
Big Quiz

*On days with large numbers of students this may be a teacher led activity.

In More Detail…

Welcome to the great Egyptian empire! Find out exactly how it felt when Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun. We will take you back to Ancient Egypt and show you what they wore and how they lived. Just why did all the rich people put wax cones on their heads at parties?

Find out why were the Gods were an important part of society. Get introduced to several Egyptian Gods. Most noteworthy was Ra. He was the Sun that sails across the sky each day. Also, in addition to this Egyptian people believe he dies each night and sails back through the underworld. We explore the creation story and visit Atun, the first God to walk the earth. We’ll show you what he created when he spat and when he sneezed.

Finally, you will learn about the hierarchy of Egyptian society; who was able to read and write. We show you the correct way to mummify your Egyptian loved ones. This is an important process as it helps them to reach the afterlife. However, if their heart is to heavy, the Gobbler may just stop their journey.


DBS Checked Facilitators
Fully Risk Assessed
Public Liability Insurance
FREE Resource Packs
Covid 19 Protocols in Place

Group Size

Up to 90 children (3 classes) can take part in a full days workshop. For large groups we will need to split the day up slightly.


A big hall is ideal for large groups. However quite often we can fit into one or more classrooms dependent on the group size.



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