Mayan Resources Pack


Free resources that can be used during your Mayan topic. They work well as an accompaniment to our workshops. However, we have designed them so that the majority can be used as standalone resources.

These Mayan resources are free for anyone to use. However, they are designed primarily to be used in conjunction with one of our workshops. The resources in this pack include;

Godly Debate A debate package focused all around the Mayan Gods and deciding who will become the new main God.
Creation Story A version of the story that is simplified. It gives the children an insight into what the Mayans believed happened first in our universe.
Numbers Poster A visual resource that can be added to your displays showing the numbers from 1-10. It shows you how they should be written and also how they can be spoken using the Maya language.
Student Workbook This has word searches, fact pages, puzzles and other entertaining activities that are designed to reinforce the learning that will take place in one of our workshops.
Comprehension This resource gets the children to use their English skills to pull answers from a newspaper article all about the Mayans.

Key Stage

Lower Key Stage Two (7-9 years), Upper Key Stage Two (9-11 years)


Maya Civilisation


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