Mayan Lesson Pack – Chocolate

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Mayan Lesson Pack – Chocolate

Use our Lesson ideas pack to put together lessons on the Mayan people. There are three separate lessons detailed within this document. We give you accompanying slideshows, worksheets and comprehensive instructional documents. These will help you present these lessons with ease. Our lesson pack includes;

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Chocolate – This lesson is aimed at getting the students to experience different types of chocolate that may be similar to Mayan chocolate. They will figure out any links to tastes they may have. They will decide whether taste is affected by a bigger percentage of cocoa being present in the sample.
  • Lesson 2: My Family’s Chocolate Recipe – This lesson aims to get the students to use creative vocabulary to build descriptions. These will be used to market a fictitious new hot chocolate.
  • Lesson 3: Xocolatl Challenge – This lesson is aimed at entrepreneurship. It will get the students (under the guise of a mystery company) to come up with a new and exciting flavour hot chocolate that will be marketed and distributed for the masses. It will be based on the old Mayan chocolate recipe. They will be in charge of; budgeting, creating a label, promotional photographs, making a healthy and viable drink, and of course TASTE TESTING the final product.
  • BONUS ACTIVITY: Chocolate Fundraising – An extension the Lesson 3, this is a great way to cap off the project with a Mayan chocolate selling idea. It could be used to raise money for a cause, school activities or part of an entrepreneur week.

These lessons cover a range of disciplines including;

  • Team Work
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Design & Technology

Want a lesson that’s not listed in our shop? Drop us an email and we’ll write you a custom lesson pack on the theme that you require (time permitting). If you like our lesson packs, why not check out some of our great assembly scripts to help round off your topic study?

1 review for Mayan Lesson Pack – Chocolate

  1. K Bolton

    Fantastic set of resources that set the scene perfectly for a Maya inspired chocolate project. Used with Y5, linking topic work with D&T. It gave the children all the ideas they needed to successfully pull off their own creations. Will definitely be using this again next year, a thoroughly enjoyable project. Thanks very much 😊

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